Digital PA System Series Digital PA System Characteristics
PRO Digital PA system PRO Digital PA system

Pro Digital PA system is researched and developed by our engineering staff’s unique technology, which is the first innovative PA system in the world. Everyone can easily set it up and conveniently operate it as well. In 2005, we achieved GD mark (great design mark) Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, which is the high technology PA system having very beautiful design and centering on customer

SEMI Digital PA system SEMI Digital PA system

Semi Digital PA system adds control and communication function to the essential equipment of existing analog privilege of broadcasting, which realizes school broadcasting’s multi-function. According to social trend, we developed it by compensating equipment control and operation condition monitoring as PC management program for building requesting integrated operation. In the case that there is not PC program, you can conveniently use it by initial setup value.

APT Digital PA system APT Digital PA system

Currently, newly constructed apartments are equipped with various high-tech systems as well as numerous digital equipments. According to such age’s trend, we developed the digital PA system for the high-tech apartment through know-how of accumulated digital technology as well as long-period research. Based on much more excellent technology than existing technology, we realized convenience of facilities management.

Digi Combo Amplifier Digi Combo Amplifier

Based on our R&D center’s accumulated high-tech digital technology and knowhow, we developed Digi Combo system series, which can be called as PA system’s innovation. Digi Combo Amplifier integrates 14 PA equipments to just single equipment and then, by adding high-tech function of digital PA system, we gave birth to this innovative PA system. Digi Combo Amplifier overcomes space, budget, and functional limit that we strongly recommend to you.

Digicon Powerde Mixer Digicon Powerde Mixer

Following after Digi Combo that is innovative PA system, we developed Digicon power mixer for SR that is controlled by computer. By using DPM software that is network and computer system anywhere, this multi-media operation system can be controlled by computer.

Classroom Amplifier Classroom Amplifier

Classroom amplifier system is the system for classroom manufactured the most optimally for the 21st school class room’s characteristics. By using ultra violet transmitter/receiver and wireless mike, it perfectly removes the entanglement problem.

Wire and Wireless Conference System Wire and Wireless Conference System

Kevic’s wireless conference system is CDMA digital wireless conference system developed first in the world, which can be used without entanglement problem. Currently, we have gradually changed existing wire conference system to the up-to-date wireless conference system. Also, according to user’s condition, we provide wire conference system as well.