Classroom Amplifier System Digicon Powered Mixer
Classroom Amplifier Digicon Powered Mixer System Block Diagram
Digicon Powerde Mixer Digicon Powerde Mixer

Following after Digi Combo that is innovative PA system, we developed Digicon power mixer for SR that is controlled by computer. By using DPM software that is network and computer system anywhere, this multi-media operation system can be controlled by computer

The world’s first PC controlled Digicon Powered Mixer
  • Using a special software, able to control output channels, volume, 3Bands EQ, Mute, power and memories
12CH inputs and 4CH 300W(4ohm) x 2CH, 100W(4ohm) x 1CH, 100W (4ohm, or 100V /82ohm) Powered Mixer
  • Main speaker 2CH (L/R), monitor speaker 1CH and sub-speaker 1CH are made perfect system Anywhere
  • Transforming high impedance mode on sub-channels, able to install more speakers within existing power
Convenient for one-touch setting
  • 2 Two swithes on the front panel can be set for one-touch mode with saving memory
The others
  • 2 Two swithes on the front panel can be set for one-touch mode with saving memory
  • Phantom Power for each input channel
  • Download port for management program upgrade or operation structure change
  • Overheating, overload and output short protector
  • Dual using or connecting DM 1204, same line products, extends the number of input channels
  • PC can control source rigs thru Digi Link
  • Connecting handle with front panel made Aluminum can be linked with Rack
Remote control with LAN or Internet
  • Audio Controller can control thru LAN or internet without PC
Main functions of Digicon Powered Mixer
  • One-touch setting
  • Long-Distance Remote control
  • Extremely saving space
  • Bulit in 4 channels for power amplifiers