Classroom Amplifier System Digicon Powered Mixer
Classroom Amplifier Digicon Powered Mixer System Block Diagram
Classroom Amplifier Classroom Amplifier

Classroom amplifier system is the system for classroom manufactured the most optimally for the 21st school class room’s characteristics. By using ultra violet transmitter/receiver and wireless mike, it perfectly removes the entanglement problem.

  • KEVIC Classroom System is ideal any classes. Using CA 2040IR(Classroom Amp), attached on the walls and installed inside of racks, and the infrared microphone, which improves problems of existing RF Mic, optimizes your lectures.
  • The system consists of amplifiers and microphones. Using the existing wires, able to save time and cost.
Main functions of the Class Amplifier
  • Various inputs; Cable Mic, Wireless Mic, AUX, VTR and etc. Especially, the Wireless Mic uses infrared ray to prevent interference between classrooms (Main device supplies the power of the infrared microphone)
  • No additional wiring installation is required to give priority to the main announcement system.
  • Priority function
  • If CA 2040IR is off, only the main announcement is available.
  • 40W high impedance output power amplifier
Main functions of the wireless Infrared Microphone
  • Using Frequency bands: 2.25MHz ~ 2.85MHz
  • Unlimitedly extendable where is separated by walls
  • Charging voltage of the transmitter: DC 3V
  • Included one antenna and separate purchase for additional antennas