Digi Combo Amplifier Digi Combo Amplifier

Based on our R&D center’s accumulated high-tech digital technology and knowhow, we developed Digi Combo system series, which can be called as PA system’s innovation. Digi Combo Amplifier integrates 14 PA equipments to just single equipment and then, by adding high-tech function of digital PA system, we gave birth to this innovative PA system. Digi Combo Amplifier overcomes space, budget, and functional limit that we strongly recommend to you.

Digi Digital PA System Characteristics Digi Digital PA System block diagram
Digi Digital PA System software Digi Digital PA System products
Digi Combo Amplifier System Products Specification

This smaller Digital PA System is available for fire announcement depending on the Fire Services Act.
To control volum and sound sources, radio, CDP, Deck and etc, is possible.

1. Announcement for every floor and whole building
2. Alarm for announcement beginning and finish
3. 4 types chime reads out up direction
4. The system gives chime a priority over normal announcements
5. Available for Microphone, CDP, Cassette, Radio and etc
6. Saving space and more convenient operation with integrated design
7. Using a special software, able to control the system easily and
1. Extremely saving space
  - Simply 4U size has all of analog system's functions to save space at 5~7 times
2. Dramatically reduction estimates
  - Saving space drives users economical as increase usable environments and the
other tools

Saving Space
Integrated various and complex functions at the compact size.
Saving Space
Dramatically saving cost
Comparing with analog rigs, it is more economical.
Dramatically saving cost
Mobile message notice for emergencies
In case of emergencies, the system informs the users by mobile message and e-mail.
Mobile message notice for emergencies
Available for variety interior performance
Available for variety interior performance
Private software management
Private software management