APT Digital PA system APT Digital PA system

Currently, newly constructed apartments are equipped with various high-tech systems as well as numerous digital equipments. According to such age’s trend, we developed the digital PA system for the high-tech apartment through know-how of accumulated digital technology as well as long-period research. Based on much more excellent technology than existing technology, we realized convenience of facilities management.

APT Digital PA System Characteristics APT Digital PA System block diagram
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APT Digital PA System Products Specification (BLACK)
APT Digital PA System Products Specification (GOLD)

Since a long period of time, developed Digital PA System has been used for many public offices, companies and schools
and recognized as the typical standard of PA system. KEVIC has several far better digital systems, Digi Combo system for
medium / small-scale building, Digicon Powered Mixer for medium / small-scale halls, gym, church and seminar room, and
Classroom Amplifier for any Classrooms, and you can meet them anywhere they are needed.

4-power lines method makes you clean environment and saving money
Easy wiring saves the cost and space

As APT wiring work is smaller amount of wires than analog system, it reduces the cost and makes clean working environment.
Also, distributing edit/ change is easier and more simply.

Speaker monitoring and line protection system
Check the lines to prevent speaker/ amp defect.

The system monitors short and disconnection at circuits and lines. If detecting the problems, interrupting relay groups
prevents amp automatically.

Auto substitution of sub-amp
Check amps and change to sub-amp at broadcasting accidents
Before/ during broadcasting, the system checks amps’ input/ output and if problem, it would substitute promptly and automatically to
prepared spare-amps to prevent accidents. Users also can monitor thru PC and front indicator.
Design organization of system types, Center / Multi, depends on scale.
Available for select to system types and interlock another system

User can broadcast as interlocking data operation tools or contact closure operators. For example, CCTV, in case of using any sensor
operators, which are complex system it gets contact closure automatically from those and broadcasts.

Saving history with log files.
Saving broadcasting and system use history
f unauthorized person use the system or any options were changed, the system saves time and actions to confirm detail statement.
It helps to chase reason of accidents.
Because all device’s operations is recorded in real-time and the log files are saved classified date and size, so users can confirm and search
Digi Link
Users control CD, Deck, Tuner, Chime and Siren easily thru PC.
It is possible that users control sound source, CD, Deck, Tuner, Chime and Siren, and power on/off of tools directly thru PC without annoyance that people are moved to rigs.
Upgraded GUI (Graphic User Interface)
Defining group makes you easier for use
The screen is designed simply for huge variety customers. The display, decorated with frequently using menu instead of infrequently/unnecessary menu, should make anybody use easily and comfortable although you are unfamiliar with PC.