SEMI Digital PA system SEMI Digital PA system

Semi Digital PA system adds control and communication function to the essential equipment of existing analog privilege of broadcasting, which realizes school broadcasting’s multi-function. According to social trend, we developed it by compensating equipment control and operation condition monitoring as PC management program for building requesting integrated operation. In the case that there is not PC program, you can conveniently use it by initial setup value.

Semi Digital PA System Characteristics Semi Digital PA System block diagram
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Semi Digital PA System Products Specification (BLACK)
Semi Digital PA System Products Specification (GOLD)
Commercial audio system is essentil for announcement, emergency broadcasting, remote broadcasting and reservation broadcasting at business buildings and schools audio system, Recently, the thernd of this important system has been moving from typical analog system into digital system. The reasone of the new trend are high efficient of system management, powerful ability for monitoring, compatibility with ohter digital system for integrated operating and controllable through network. KEVIC realizes multi zones audio system adding management functions of the typical analog system and networking ability form own breakthrough technology as long time researched. Keeping pace with the changing thend, KEVIC's SEMI Digital PA System also equips the special PC management software used to control every device and monitor the whole system.